Web Development Course

3 Weekends | 36 Hours | 540 EUR

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DAY 1:

  • PHOTOSHOP – We begin the course by learning to slice up the design file, optimize images, icons and fonts.
  • HTML 5 – We then learn to build a structure for our website.

DAY 2:

  • CSS 3 – We continue developing our website by adding styling to our code structure using the latest practices in CSS.
  • CSS ANIMATION – We will take our website’s look to a whole new level by exploring style transitions, transforms, and keyframes.

DAY 3:

  • JAVASCRIPT – It’s time to add some interactivity to our website! We will learn the main concepts of Javascript, the most useful and frequently used Javascript examples, and apply them in our project.

DAY 4:

  • PHP – We will lay a solid foundation for powerful website development by diving into PHP and then learn to create a contact form that processes submitted data.

DAY 5:

  • WORDPRESS – We will get to know the most popular content management system on the planet, as well as the best plugins, E-Commerce solutions and templates used with WordPress. We will use our HTML and CSS code and import it into our very own WordPress template that we will build from scratch! Finally, we will tackle the all-important topic of search engine optimization.

DAY 6:

  • GOING LIVE – So we learned to create a website, but how does it go live? We will explore everything there is to know about domains, hosting services, and FTP clients.
  • PROJECT PRESENTATION – You will get to present the project you have worked on throughout the course – a website that YOU created!

Just like that, in only 6 days, you will learn to develop high quality websites.

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