Tech Mugė 2022

TECH MUGĖ 2022 pranešimas: SHAHAR ALON iš “Checkmarx“

SPECIAL GUEST: SHAHAR ALON (IZRAELIS) Corporate Development team at “Checkmarx“: “Why you should focus on career in CYBER SECURITY.“

Shahar Alon, is a part of the Corporate Development team at Checkmarx, an Application Security company from Israel. Checkmarx today has partners and customers in over 70 countries. Their platform enables software development teams locate security vulnerabilities in their code, including in open-source components they use in their applications, and fix them, all at the software development stage. The platform covers over 30 coding languages, and also includes a software security training platform, called Codebashing, which allows coders to increase their expertise in the Appsec field. Our motto is “the World Runs on Code! We secure it!”.