Vilnius Coding School is on the lookout for potential lecturers eager to share their experience and knowledge in various IT fields, with availability to teach during the daytime being the priority, though flexible evening schedules can be accommodated if possible. 

You can find detailed descriptions of our training programs here.

If you’re uncertain about your readiness to teach, fret not! We’ll assist you in evaluating your suitability during the hiring process.

So, who exactly are we?

Vilnius Coding School is an international school dedicated to advancing careers in technology for adults. With branches in Lithuania, Latvia, Ireland, and the Czech Republic, we oversee a network of five programming schools. Our mission revolves around EdTech-driven digital education transformation, tackling future workforce challenges, and crafting IT retraining programs alongside local employment initiatives through our Career Center.

Headquartered in Lithuania, our core team of 20 collaborates with over 100 international experts. We engage with top-tier IT firms, host the premier TECH Fair for IT job seekers, facilitate internship and job placements for our graduates, conduct training for major Lithuanian enterprises, and manage international branches while organizing joint EU training sessions that attract students from 10 countries worldwide.

Compensation starts from €1700 gross, with individual offers tailored to match experience and competencies.

More information: [email protected] or by phone: +37060787423.